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Allison Crino specializes in executive and team coaching, with over 10 years of experience coaching individuals and teams. She is at her best when supporting others through big discernment moments of life transitions, career transitions, and intercultural team development.


Allison spent significant formative years in Latin America, and has personally navigated a number of international living transitions and career transitions. She met her husband, Eugenio while living in Mexico City. They have two wild boys, Carlos and Leonardo.



Allison currently serves as the Director of Training for One Collective, a global non-profit with personnel serving in 60 communities in 5 continents.  She is a Certified Practitioner in Intercultural Intelligence through KnowledgeWorkx, and equips both individuals and teams with the competence needed to build third cultural spaces in their workplaces. She holds a Master's of Nonprofit Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. 


Allison is available to work with individuals or groups. Her services are available in both Spanish and English, dependent on the preference of the client.


Allison may be a great fit for you if:

  • You are an organizational leader with a need to become interculturally competent

  • You are an organizational leader or small business owner needing to process a serious decision

  • You are navigating relational issues or concerns on your team

  • You are in transition and would like assistance developing cover letters, resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other necessary job search tools

  • You are navigating graduate school and are discerning a direction and next steps after graduation

  • The intersection of faith/spirituality is important to you as you consider your career path and direction

  • You are a new parent returning from parental leave and need support in your transition

  • You are re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, or after running your own business 


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