What Clients ARe Saying 

If you're new to coaching, it may be hard to wrap your mind around the experience. See what our clients below have to say about working with Chicago Career Consulting. 

Artist in Art Studio


"Working with my coach was great! I had a somewhat ambiguous mix of things I was wanting to work through, and she helped me find clarity... She provided tools that I will continue to use throughout my career. She was also able to pick up on patterns in what I was saying that I never would have picked up on myself, leading to several insights and "a-ha" moments that will continue to influence my goals. Each session was also just fun!

- Tech Industry Professional

Digital Artist

ValUes Reflection

"My coach helped me cut to the chase and do some heavy-duty introspection on my values. She helped me look deeply and carefully at the work I do and revolutionized how I regard my own skills, sensibilities and capabilities. She helped me practice the habit of self-reflection and I think our work has empowered me as a person and as - yes I'm going to say it - as an artist!"


- Artist, Community Organizer for the Arts as Subversive Tool of Transformation

Business Owner in Workshop
A business meeting

STress Management

"This was my first experience with executive and career coaching. I’m grateful for the time and investment that my coach enabled me to make in myself. She was available, compassionate and helpful at a time when I was managing through a lot of feelings and stress at work. I have been able to employ the tactics she helped me work through both personally and in my role."

- VP of Talent