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Business People

We believe work can be better.

Here's how we partner with you to make it happen.

It's time
to be Better.

How We Make an Impact

Coaching as a Benefit

Offer your staff a supportive space to grow professionally, learn new skills, and reflect on their core purpose. 

EQ & Leadership Assessments

A highly customized offering, we utilize validated assessment tools to help leaders grow and encourage teams toward health. 

Customized Communities & Training

Your learning community is unique. Let us do the heavy lifting. We create customized online spaces for your staff or students to grow and connect. 

Prioritize Your People

 Offering coaching as a benefit, puts your staff in the driver's seat of their career. They can use the space to create new learning goals. Or, they can work through challenges, consider the best approaches for conflict, or identify what keeps their work meaningful to them. Having a private space to process the daily grind can make a dramatic difference in work place well-being. 

Young Businesswomen
"My coach helped me see my situation with greater clarity. I felt validated in my experience at work and able to identify how to respond in a way that was consistent with my values."

Coaching as Benefit, Client

A business meeting

Teams that can identify joy at work are 10x

more likely to be satisfied and high achieving.

So why, then, does this become such an elusive goal? Our team utilizes tools from Six Seconds, a global leader in emotional intelligence research and practice, to help teams thrive with a greater sense of purpose. 

Cultivate Culture

EQ in Action

The SEI-LR or Social Emotional Leadership Report by Six Seconds is a simple and clear tool for leaders to make emotional intelligence actionable in their daily relationships. This tool empowers leaders with an awareness of their leadership competencies. 

SEI - Leadership Report 

TVS - Team Vital Signs

We want to see...

Greater Psychological Safety 

Curate Community

Community happens when we connect. And we all crave genuine connection. That's why our customized learning communities maximize accessibility and communication. Our team starts by understanding your group's learning needs so we can build scalable programming that feels down-to-earth and approachable. Great for universities, remote teams, or professional associations.

Smiling Woman

Beyond DEI&B

We see diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as an integral part of leadership.  There is no organizational health without a leadership structure and workplace culture that prioritizes the identities of its people. Our team has designed a 4-part, online training curriculum that engages staff with a real-life, down-to-earth approach. We combined the best of scholarly research and the cultural wealth of lived experience.

Topics include: 

  •  Dismantling Organizational Racism

  • Intersectionality and Communication

  • Cultivating Spaces of Creativity and Possibility

  • Gender Equity and Policy Evaluation

  • Disability, Neurodiversity, and Re-Defining Professionalism

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