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We empower People to Design a meaningful Life and Career.

Chicago Career Coaching  Consulting

We Believe

Life is too short to show up halfway, and too long to settle for mediocre.

We believe people can do incredible things when empowered with the right tools.

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What our clients are saying:

"My coach was great! She made me think outside the box."

What We Do

Our Process


Too often we dismiss our own intuition. We tell ourselves how we should feel without listening to what is really going on. We will get much further if we begin with empathy rather than canned solutions.


Next we drill down to clarify and define; what is the real goal we are working toward together? Clarity empowers us to focus on the right challenge, rather than spend priceless energy focused in all the wrong directions. 


This is the critical moment, the moment to let go of limited thinking and stuck strategies. Together we customize reflection activities that help you to explore your options and embrace growth.


Growth can only be sustained through action. Rather than looking for the perfect path or solution, we work together to leverage action for learning. By engaging the creative process, you are empowered to design a life and career that you want.


Your Coach

What would you do, if you weren't afraid?

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