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Coaching Packages

Highly customized, and highly relational, we build our coaching packages around your unique story.

The below are examples. Speak to your coach on an intro call to determine the best fit for you. 



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Other Coaching Packages

BurnOut & Compassion Fatigue Support  

Sometimes those of us experiencing burnout may not be aware that it's happening. It's not being overly dramatic or sensitive - it is a very real response to chronic stress at work. Burnout is now recognized by the World Health Organization and leaves an individual exhausted and mentally depleted. Compassion Fatigue is different from burnout, though sometimes seen together. It is often experienced by those who work with populations who are navigating significant levels of trauma. Having support for both of these situations is critical to maintaining wellness and satisfaction in life and work. 

Toxic Workplace Recovery

A toxic workplace can leave you unsure which way is up. It may cause you to question your abilities or identity on a deep level. Toxic workplaces tend to have abusive bosses who set a tone of fear and mental dread. Feedback is used to shame employees on a regular basis and gaslighting is a pervasive part of the landscape. Preparing to leave a toxic workplace can feel overwhelming. And once you do leave, you may in fact carry some unhealthy habits into your next place of work. Working with a coach can help you reflect on your experience, reclaim your locus of control and identify a healthier path forward. 

Open Coaching 

Everyone, and especially leaders, need an external and confidential party where they can explore ideas and process challenges. 

These unstructured sessions can be used any time to process a specific issue or challenge in a space free from politics, judgement or even completion.


These sessions are ideal for professionals who are either new to their work environment and have not identified allies, working in a solitary situation (i.e. starting a business, remote worker, or the only person of their specialty in an organization) or working in a low-trust/high risk space where ideation with a current co-worker is not currently ideal. Dispel isolation and gain a thought partner.

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All sessions are 50 minutes long and vary between $175 - $425

Pricing structures vary by coach. Some charge per session while others offer sessions only by the bundle. Reach out to learn more.

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