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We believe a career is more than just a 9-5 job. It’s about finding what grounds you, what makes you tick, and what makes you believe the work is worth it each day. A career is just one part of a meaningful life. 

CAREER & Leadership


Our Approach

Our Approach


Coaching is for anyone who wants to be intentional about their life and career.  We know this is a personal topic, so we make a point to meet you with encouragement, humor and connection.

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We are not one sized fits all. From our initial consultation we consider your specific needs and create an individualized plan with agreed upon goals. 


Together, we walk through our unique approach and consider what motivates you. From there, we design a reality that makes sense for you, your story, and your context. 


Our Clients


Career Changers

Recent Graduates

Senior Leaders


New Leaders

 Artists & Creatives

 Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Dog Owners

Cat Owners

People who enjoy coffee

And you!

Want to bring coaching to your team? Contact us for workplace solutions.

How We Do It

Highly customized, and highly relational, we build our coaching packages around your unique story.



Start Here

Let us know you would like to learn more about career coaching. You'll receive a video with our most commonly asked questions to help you decide whether our approach is right for you. 

Set Intentions

Once you decide to move forward, your coach will send you materials to get started, as well as set the date for your first session. During your first session, you'll craft together intentions to clearly identify how you would like to utilize your coaching sessions.

Reflect &
Dig Deep

Hiring a coach is like hiring a thought partner to consider the "nitty gritty" details of your circumstance. The process isn't always straightforward (because humans rarely are!). Sometimes we have to look back before we can move forward. Even if your path doesn't feel very clear,  your coach is an expert at guiding the process. They will offer exercises between sessions for you to reflect, explore and determine your next course of action.


What Clients Say

"My coach challenged me through thought provoking exercises and offered other tools that were extremely helpful. My experience certainly exceeded my expectations and I plan to continue utilizing their services."

Frequent Offerings


Here's a look at some of our most frequent offerings. 

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All About the Moms

Being a mom is already challenging enough, but add work concerns to that mix and you're nursing a pretty fun cocktail (pun intended!). Whether you're looking for support as you level up into the next phase of leadership, or feel lost trying to pump breast milk on your lunch hour while preparing a board report, we can support your transitions to help you feel at your best at work. 

  • Maternity Leave Consultations

  • FMLA Questions

  • Re-Entry Into the Workforce (following time off to care for family)

  • Workplace Discrimination Concerns

  • Exhaustion and Fatigue

  • Exploration of Work and Family Values

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou

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Compassion Fatigue

Burnout can leave you in a place of exhaustion, cynicism and questioning your competency. Take the Maslach Burnout Inventory and work with a coach to develop your unique plan to be engaged in work again. Learn more about the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout in an exploratory call. 

Thinking Man on Couch

"Chronic stress was rampant even before the pandemic. Leaders can’t ignore it any longer." -  Jennifer Moss, Author of Unlocking Happiness at Work

Smiling Businesswoman


Don't let leadership cause you to languish. Working with a coach is like hiring a strategic thought partner dedicated to your success and growth. 

(Useful for both new and seasoned leaders.)

Want to learn More?

Take a look at our complete list of coaching packages.

All of which are customizable around your specific need. 

Or let us know you would like to learn more and we'll send you a brief video of our most commonly asked questions and instructions on how to get started. 

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