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Cam (he, him, his) helps professionals feel safe, inspired, and fulfilled by the work that they do. He understands that in order to accomplish this, motivated individuals need to explore their own personal values, core aptitudes, and the types of workplace cultures that will be a catalyst for their success. Cam believes intentionality is key to career progression and he is focused on coaching his clients to be intentional in their goal setting and decision making.


Cam has spent the majority of his career in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition for industries including consulting, technology as well as the non-profit space. He has worked with a variety of multi-cultural teams to build best-in-class employer brands that told a human story. Even before his career in Human Resources, Cam was always a storyteller and connector of people. He encourages his clients to embrace a non-linear career path, understanding that often the themes of our stories will guide us to our next best step. Cam’s own non-linear career path includes working as a photographer, filmmaker, operations and sales manager and of course, working as a coach and consultant.

Cam holds a Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations with a focus in Talent Acquisition and Professional Development. He also holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Psychology with a focus on Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

When he is not working with clients, Cam loves spending his time with family and friends outdoors. Sometimes he enjoys relaxing between two trees in his hammock reading a book. Other times he is highly active and likes to go on runs, hikes, and when it is winter, he is an avid skier. His home base is Chicago, although he enjoys traveling to explore new places and cultures and to eating cuisine from around the world.

Cam may be a good fit for you if:

You’re an individual who is -


  • A recent or soon to be college graduate and are considering how to launch your job search

  • Considering making a career transition, especially into fields related to technology, consulting, or human resources

  • Interested in exploring your values, strengths, transferable skills, and the workplace environment/culture that is best suited for you

  • Considering enrolling in a technology career-related boot camp and would like guidance on how to select and succeed in the right program for you

  • Beginning a new career and would like guidance on how to succeed from day one, set attainable goals for your career progression and skill development, and learn to network effectively within and outside of your organization

  • Having difficulties getting a promotion or making a lateral move within your organization


You’re an organization that -


  • Desires to increase your company’s brand presence on campuses, building remote and virtual strategies to engage with target students more effectively

  • Prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion across your organization, including your university talent pipelines and need guidance on how to reach students more effectively

  • Would like to build an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will help you share why your company is a great place to work and the benefits that come along with working with you

  • You are interested in making your internship and student leadership programs more engaging and structured (both remote and in-person)

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