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What Next?

A 2 Hour Boot Camp and Cohort Community for those who have experienced a recent lay off

What We'll Cover:

  • How to discuss your layoff with others

  • Identity, Strengths and Story

  • LinkedIn Optimization

  • Resume and Applicant Tracking Tips

  • Cover Letters 

  • Remote Interviews

  • Job Search and Networking Strategies

A layoff is emotionally, physically and financially stressful. It can easily take a toll on your confidence as you begin looking for new work. Take a pause before you launch your next job search and brush up on current best practice. Give yourself the space to re-energize, refocus and remember your core strengths.

This event is a unique "cohort community" because you will have the opportunity to share contact information with the other 11 guests. Stay in touch on LinkedIn and support each other as you navigate transition.

Only 12 Spots!

June 13 10am-12pm


Tell Us About Yourself...

An Interactive Tutorial on How to answer this (Dreaded!) Interview Question.

So tell us about yourself...

Walk us through your resume...

Have you been in an interview and heard this dreaded question? No one knows how to answer it. Until now!

In this interactive 30 minutes, We'll walk you through question prompts to help you excavate your best stories, skills and experiences, effectively creating the building blocks for you to ace this question every time. You'll leave feeling more confident with your future interview introductions.

June 6th 10:00am - 10:30am

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