Issac (he, him, his) believes that every individual possesses unique gifts, and the goal of coaching is to help individuals discover their gifts and maximize their potential. Talent is universal, but opportunities are not. Coaching helps people identify, prepare, and take advantage of the possibilities, and in many cases, supports individuals in the creation of new opportunities. Changing one’s life is not about the obstacles that stand in the way; it is about how people view these obstacles, how they see themselves, and what they are willing to invest for change. 


Issac partners with individuals in personal and professional growth and development and helps them align their values to realize their dreams.  Issac is a Coach, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Black Male Feminist, Organizer, and Certified EQ Practitioner and Assessor with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network.  His expertise in leadership, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and conflict management ground his coaching practice.


Dr. Carter earned his doctorate from Florida Atlantic University’s Comparative Cultural Studies Program. He earned his master’s degree in Human Service Counseling with a concentration in Management from DePaul University. As an undergraduate, he studied at Elmhurst University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a sociology minor. 

Issac has served as chief student affairs officer, chief enrollment office, chief housing officer, academic program chair, and faculty, holding the rank of Associate Professor (tenured) in higher education. Issac is the Founder and Coach for Coaching Imperative, which primarily supports people and organizations with their DEI efforts.  Issac enjoys writing on intersectionality, critical race theory, and decolonization.  He also enjoys playing with his dogs, writing and playing music ranging from blues to hip hop, and barbequing low and slow.  Issac is a former student-athlete and played basketball and baseball for much of his youth; now, he is an out-of-shape fan who still likes to watch whatever sport’s finals and mix it up on the court now and then.  Attending live music events and comedy shows with his life partner (can’t wait for us to get beyond the pandemic) is always memorable.

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