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How do we

"Now, we're asking ourselves: How do we cocreate? We want to bring users and workers into our decision-making—putting humans at the center of our design.” — Global HR leader, financial services organization, Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte

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Learning Is Critical


Employees who can articulate how their personal purpose aligns with company mission are more likely to be retained- Harvard Business Review.

3 Times More Likely

Employees who don't feel supported in their professional growth are 3 times as likely to look for other jobs. - Tiny Pulse.

Professional Growth

 44% of employees don’t feel they have sufficient opportunities for professional growth in their current positions.” -TinyPulse 

Hunger to Learn

EY recommends to provide gen z employees opportunities to learn as a strategic  competitive edge. - Forbes

Your Partner FoR Professional Development 

Chicago Career Consulting can serve as your partner to provide substantive, research based professional development opportunities for staff. Your employees will view it as benefit and you will see the results in team culture and engagement.

More than a Workplace

The reality is,  It becomes a community; a community focused on learning, connection, and impact.  Employees now look to their employers to provide professional development opportunities and career coaching and guidance. 


HOW We Do It

Culture & Engagement

A great options for teams who would like to improve culture and performance. We take a customized approach with each team and utilize validated emotional intelligence assessment tools from Six Seconds including:

Give your employees the tools to take ownership of their professional and leadership development. Promote wellness, decrease burnout, and up skill staff with the skills they need to be successful.  Customized pricing packages available. Coaching topics can include:

  • Creating your professional purpose statement and development plan

  • Career development and planning

  • Leadership competencies and development

  • Team communication & conflict management 


Career & Learning Communities

Bring customized virtual learning communities to your university or workplace. 

  • Evergreen training and development resources
  • Moderated Community forum, a space for 24/7 Q and A 
  • Curated monthly learning labs, live and recorded


Coaching As
a Benefit

Want a Sneak Peak?

Below you'll see some examples of some of our most recent offerings.

Graduate Student Career Community

Why go the job search alone when you can face it together? Our team will create a customized space for your community to ask questions and receive answers from our team of expert career and leadership coaches as well as your peers. You'll have access to our job search launch courses, resume & cover letter templates and more. 

Team Vital Signs

Engagement based on Emotional intelligenceE 

Help your employees dig deeper. We'll work closely with you to design a customized experience focused on the core domains of team motivation, execution, trust, teamwork, and change. 

Want to learn more? Let us Customize Your Experience. 

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