Ashley (she, her, hers) empowers individuals and teams to dig deep and get in touch with what makes work meaningful to them. She specializes in working with individuals recovering from toxic workplaces, burn-out or recent layoffs. 

Ashley states, "We all have a story. And something important happens when we look at the intersection between our story and our career. No one should have to feel alone or lost as it relates to their career." 

Ashley brings nearly 15 years of experience across a variety of sectors and disciplines including career coaching, human resources, nonprofit management, healthcare and higher education. In her roles she has been responsible for leadership development and training, career

development, diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, change management, conflict mediation, employee recruiting and retention. She holds a deep personal commitment to racial, economic and gender justice, and considers this a core value in her life. Most recently she served at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago as a Career Coach. She currently teaches Gender, Race, Class and the Media as an adjunct instructor at North Park University.


She holds a Master of Organizational Leadership with a focus in Human Resource and Conflict Management and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. She draws from a number of research based coaching frameworks including strengths based leadership, relational, co-active and narrative approaches. She is a Certified Master of Career Services through the National Career Development Association, and is also a certified Designing Your Life Coach, which is a program created by leading experts in the field of design thinking. 

In her "spare" time Ashley considers herself an Olympic level ice cream eater, a power walker, and a lover of all things fun. She lives in Chicago with her spouse and two kids.  Want to hear a more personal bio? Click here. 

Ashley may be a good fit for you if: 

  • You are currently in or have recently experienced a toxic workplace, are experiencing burn-out or recovering from a recent layoff 

  • You are going through a career change or lacking direction and focus in your career

  • You need a better understanding of your natural strengths and professional brand

  • You are a leader in your organization, and would like to create a customized and comprehensive professional development plan for your staff or offer coaching as a benefit for employees

  • You are a new manager or leader and need to build transformational leadership skills quickly

  • You are a parent returning from a parental or maternity leave, re-entering the workforce after an an extended period of time, or a new parent, processing the shifts in identity and priorities after having children

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