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Moriah (she, her, hers) believes that finding the right career path is a personal pursuit and begins by looking within ones self. Through examining one’s passions, skills, interests, experiences and their intersections we can find a life that is more than we imagined. 


Applying this process to herself, nearly 5 years ago Moriah switched career paths from a veterinary technician to a social researcher. She now holds two masters, one in Public Policy and the second in Sociology (on her way to a PhD in Sociology). Moriah also brings 4 years of research and evaluative experience to her consultant work. Her research style is collaborative, which allows her to work cooperatively with partners and engage in co-learning throughout the research process. 


As an Equity and Identity Research Consultant with Chicago Career Consulting, Moriah seeks to help individuals navigate work and school environments where their identities are minoritized. She also works with organizations to conduct equity assessments of their workplace cultures and target internal systems and policies that obstruct diversity and equity efforts. 


Outside of work and school, Moriah loves painting abstract art, is an avid puzzler (she can finish an 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in under 3 days) and enjoys storytelling through photography. She also enjoys traveling to Michigan to visit her parents and brothers and occasionally, hopping over to Brazil to visit her sister and beautiful nephew. You can see more of her website and instagram here.  She also shares a short guide to Understanding Systemic Racism here. 

Moriah may be a good fit for you if:


You’re an organization seeking to - 

  • Conduct equity assessments including but not limited to the intersections of race, gender identity, differing abilities, class, and sexual orientation

  • Evaluate and analyze what structures and policies may be replicating or contributing to inequity in the office

  • Create and analyze  workplace climate surveys, and provide recommendations to create equitable workplaces

  • Guide and educate staff on engaging with race, systems of race and racial identity 


You’re an individual who - 

  • Is navigating a life or work transition and is feeling a lack of direction

  • Desires to create manageable goals, and would like empowerment and partnership in achieving those goals

  • Identifies as a black individual and is navigating a challenging or hostile work environment as it relates to your identity (gender and/or race) 

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