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Women Colleagues

Future of Leadership

A Collective Intensive

Today's landscape requires leaders who are prepared with a diverse set of competencies. It's not enough to manage - you need to lead. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge, 3-month intensive leadership program to ensure your teams are equipped for what's ahead. From emotional intelligence, diversity, equity and inclusion, change management, and conflict styles, your cohort will have the opportunity to dive deep for a transformational experience.


Stop throwing away money toward ad hoc, professional development sessions and instead invest in a comprehensive culture accelerator.

What Your Team Gains

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Program Scope

Month 1: Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 
  • Learning Lab 1: What is leadership? 

  • Learning Lab 2: Emotional Intelligence, Brain Profiler Inventory

  • Personal Leadership Coaching

Month 2: Intercultural Competencies
  • Learning Lab 3:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Literacy

  • Learning Lab 4:  Intercultural Development Inventory

Month 3: Conflict, Communication and Team Design
  • Learning Lab 5: TKI, What is conflict?

  • Learning Lab 6: Managing Change and Building Culture

  • Personal Leadership Coaching 

What is EQ?

"EQ is characterized by the ability to recognize, control, and evaluate emotions, and use that knowledge to inspire, influence, and develop others while managing conflicts." - Michelle Chandler, Stanford Business Review

Meet your Team


Dr. Issac M. Carter brings an Afrocentric philosophy to the Leadership and DEI world.  Music, storytelling, and advanced psychometrics provide insight into the rich tapestry of our shared humanity and make our dreams of diversity come true. By combining old school values with new school techniques, Dr. Carter separates himself from "big-box" operations and recent startups that lack the depth of knowledge, experience, and agility of 30 years of teaching, learning, and practice.  Issac breaks DEI down to its core components and integrates cultural and emotional intelligence competencies to drive inclusive leadership development and culturally responsive organizations. See full bio.


Ashley Ritter is driven to see workplaces become ecosystems of human creativity and intersectionality. Her approach focuses on leveraging purpose into the heart of workplace culture as oppose to a once a year nicety. She challenges leaders to be honest in their self-reflection and consider how their presence, communication and conflict style set the temperature of a space. Her down-to-earth style creates a fun environment where teams can apply what they learn right away into practical workplace rituals that foster emotional safety and innovation. 

See full bio.

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